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Sending orders to kitchen display in another store.


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Hi there, 

I’m collaborating with another store in my street. 

What I want is to show certain items in the KDS located there. 

Solutions I’ve thought of:

- Placing a wifi extender in their kitchen to connect my KDS

- Open/redirect ports in their router to enter their WAN IP in my backoffice. In this case I need TCP ports that KDS use  

Is there a way to do this?

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Hello @Burak

In order to send orders to KDS, the POS and KDS have to be in the same local network.

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Thank you for your reply @Yasuaki

So, can we use VPN for this matter? It's not going to be the "local network" but it'll behave like the local network, virtually. Do you know anyone that tried this before?

Otherwise it'll need some investment and cable managing (store is not that far) and it'll cause some inconvenience to us.

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