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KDS and Kitchen Printer


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Hi - we would like to use both the KDS feature and a physical kitchen printer - printing exactly the same on both. Is this possible. 

I currently have KDS set-up but when I try and set-up another kitchen printer I can’t use the same categories as I am using on the KDS printer set-up? 

thank you 

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This would be very helpful in my restaurant too. 

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As you mentioned you can't add one category to two printer groups.

But you can activate one printer group on two kitchen printers/KDS.


Printer group A: Include Category 1, 2
Printer group B: Include Category 3, 4
Printer group "Both": Include Category 5

Kitchen printer 1: Activate Printer group A and "Both".
Kitchen printer 2: Activate Printer group B and "Both".

By this setting, Category 5 will be printed from both Kitchen printer 1 and 2.

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