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CHICKEN MAYO - RECIPE vs use in a SANDWICH vs raw chicken and mayo stock ! - PLEASE PLEASE HELP


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I am breaking my brain to understand WHAT will be best or HOW to do this in Loyverse.

So we make a batch of say chicken mayo  from (breast,mayo)  {1kg bucket - say 500g breast, 500ML mayo}


I dont see how production can work for the above because I've tested/tried all ways to get the stock to adjust correctly


I dont want to put the raw breast and mayo in the sandwich as a composite item  - because to now ''disassemble'' the recipe for the purposes of stock is cumbersome.


If I create an item (FULL RECIPE) [not for sale]- and have its components (chicken, mayo) -    made 1kg -  500g chicken, 500ml mayo

When I sell that sandwich -  the sandwich's composite items is say 50g FULL RECIPE CHICKEN MAYO -  THE SALE  deducts (50g) -  but not the chicken (2kg bought) and the mayo (2L bought) -  because I didn't sell the recipe - I get that - but I sold the sandwich

So the actual RECIPE (Chicken Mayo) becomes less - but 0 movement on the chicken and mayo  (RAW INGREDIENTS)

So for the chicken and mayo to 'move out of stock'  -   I have to go and make an inventory adjustment again?


My brain is broken!



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