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Setting up Ethernet Printer


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I have a 3n Star Ethernet thermal printer. I have set it up before and it worked wirelessly via wifi port (I think). I have switched wifi and trying to set it up again but I am having a lot of trouble. I have an Ipad and macbook (with parallels) that I can use to set it up but after a few hours there is no luck. I have the drivers installed but am getting lost on what to do. Like I said, I've set it up in the past so I know it is possible but not sure if there is a method that is known to work rather than me clicking around for hours and hours until it decides to work. 

Thank you!

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This problem is found with mac devices only...

Android devices has an option called " other model"

Choose it and then choose interface "ethernet"

Then select the "printer ip address"

Then type the ip for the printer that ypu had set up

Make sure that the printer is connected to the same network via a cable to the router

Note : make sure that the main android device and the gateway mask is the same

Ex. If the default gateway is :

The printer ip address sould be 192.168.1.××× which ××× is the number has been set up in configuring the lan printer

Hope this helps

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