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i been trying to get employee management subcription  but i can not get tru . its been a month already trying but it was said on the comment flashing "too much attempt already " . i need someone who could help me on this . thanks 

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Hi! The card verification error occurs mostly because the card-issuing bank declines the transaction. In order to solve it, we recommend that you try the following steps:

1. Contact your bank and check with them why the transaction is declined. We would recommend you reach the second-tier customer service of your bank and prepare some detailed information related to the transaction upon calling the bank (e.g. the amount of the transaction, the website the transaction was made at, and the time of the transaction).

2. Retry payment later, let's say tomorrow. Because if your bank sees too many attempts to withdraw funds from your card in a short time, your bank fraud system may block your transactions.

3. Try to use a card of another bank.


If you need any support, please contact Loyverse team from your account email to help@loyverse.com. Unfortunately, it is limited to help you here as we don’t know your account nor cannot provide any personal information due to security rules. 

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