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Inventory Count on variation

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My example for this is.

Fertilizer (1 bag is 50kg)

We sell fertilizer by bag or by kilo but different prices.
For 50kg = selling is 30/kg
For 25kg = selling is 30/kg
For 12.5kg = selling is 32/kg
For below 12.5kg (kg) = is 34/kg

we purchase 10 bags of fertilizer we use the unit KG. 10x50=500kg. 
we used the variation method, however the deduction is per variant in inventory count. 



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Hello @BusyJ
I would recommend using the composite item feature instead of variants in order to track the stock of the fertilizer as only one unit.
1. First, you can create a base item, let’s say “Fertilizer Kg” and activate the track stock option. You can also deactivate the “The item is available for sale in all stores” option to make this item invisible on the sales screen.
2. Then create the other items you have as variants as individual items. For example, create the item “Fertilizer 50 Kg” and configure it as sold by weight and put the price as "30". After that, you can enable the composite item option for this item and select the “Fertilizer Kg” with the quantity “1”.
3. Finally, you can repeat the same step 2 for the rest of the items you sell. (25 kg, 12.5kg, etc)
Maybe creating a category only for these items may help to group them in the Loyverse POS app.


Additionally, if you have the Advanced Inventory add-on activated, you can use the Disassembly feature from Production to easily convert the bag of fertilizer 50 kg to the base item “Fertilizer Kg”.
1. Create another item “Bag of Fertilizer 50 Kg”  and activate the Composite item and Use production option.
2. Set the “Fertilizer Kg” as the component and set the quantity as 50.
3. Go to Productions → Add disassembly → and select the “Bag of Fertilizer 50 Kg” to add the quantity of the fertilizer [50kg x Purchased bag] to the stock of “Fertilizer Kg”.

This way you can deduct the stock for all those sales items from one item and not count each variant as a separate stock.
Note: The base unit for items sold by weight/volume is 1 Kilogram/Liter, so in case you want to use grams the number would be 0,500 (500 grams).

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Thank you this is nice.

However, I found out that the inventory count for the fertilizer kg don't deduct. 

Should I manually put a quantity on the component? Not automatically added when I make purchase order.


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Yes, you need to configure the quantity of the components since it marks how much quantity the composite item uses from the component item. (No matter how much stock you have for this component, you can configure the number you need for the item)

After making a purchase order for that item you need to use the production/disassemble feature manually since the "Use production" is activated.
You can see more details about the production/disassemble feature in this article: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-work-production 

If you want to deduct automatically the stock of the base item “Fertilizer kg” when the bag items are sold, you can deactivate the “Use production” feature for the items of “bag” (50 kg, 25 kg, 12.5kg, etc). However, the composite items without the “Use production” option activated are not available to search/add to a purchase order.

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