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POS Store not Recognized

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I was continually getting kicked out in the middle of service and then I decided to change my password to my account, Once I Changed my password and attempted to log back into the POS I would select my store and it did not detect the activated store in the back office. The store is activated, I have attempted nearly everything to restarting the iPad, deleting the app and downloading it again and it continuously keeps saying POS not found.


would really appreciate help on this issue. Thank You.

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This is because there is already a device assigned to the POS.

Please either add a new POS in the 'POS devices' section.

In the ‘Create POS’ form insert the Field Name and select the Store where it will work. Don't forget to click on the ‘Save’ button.

Or you can deactivate the POS. 

Deactivation means disconnecting the Loyverse POS app on the device from the Loyverse account and back office.

At the Edit POS card of an activated POS, click on the ‘Deactivate’ icon in the Status field.

Note: After deactivation, all unsynced data on the Loyverse POS app will be lost.

Confirm your intention by clicking on the ‘Deactivate’ button in the dialog window.

After that, the status of the POS will be changed to ‘Not Activated’ and you can log in to this POS on a new device.

More detailed information you can find below:

How to Create, Activate, Deactivate and Delete POS

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Hello Shinjin.

yes I understand this concept but in my case eberything was working smoothly until I was randomly being kicked out of the POS during use. The Device I am using was working fine with the store that I have on the back office. 

for some reason after being kicked out about 10x it would say the store has no POS activated but in the back office it clearly shows my store and POS are connected. So just confused why when I try to login like i have been for the past 3+years its not all of a sudden not detecting the POS device for the store when I try to login. 

I hope this is more clear for you to assist thank you! 

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