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How to view the ticket list and item list in my phone at the same time?

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Is there a way to watch the list of items and the ticket part to see the added items in the ticket as in the tablet on my phone?

I use a lot the Loyverse POS application in my Android phone, since I need to tap the Ticket button to see what items were added to the open tickets I would like to know a way to make this small details easier.

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I used the Developer option from Android system which allows to change the smallest width of the interface to make the screen smaller or larger depending on the number that is inputted. By default in my phone I had the 360 dp (Density-indepent Pixels) and when I change that value as 600 dp I could see the ticket section and the item list in one screen by turning the phone in landscape. The larger the DP value is the smaller the interface/text will become.


But as you see in the image the font size becomes smaller and it is a bit difficult to see. The resolution of my phone is 1080 x 2340 pixels so it looks longer than a tablet.


Note: This is only possible for Android devices and the way to activate the developer mode may vary for each phone model. This feature is made for Developers and it is deactivated by default.

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