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Average Cost not matching

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I calculated the average cost as written in Loyverse with one of my items and it is not giving the same number?


Lizano Sauce = 10 stocks and 2.5 dollars cost
Adding new stocks and price = 20 stocks and cost 1.3 dollars

Newcost = (10 * 2.5 + 20 * 1.3) / (10+20)
Newcost = (25 + 26) / 30
Newcost = 51 / 30
Newcost = 1.7

But in the system it shows that the average cost for the Lizano Sauce is 1.81 dollars. What am I doing wrong?

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Could you verify if you took into account all stocks of that item?
The value of the StockBefore should be the number of all stocks including the other stores too.

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I have 2 stores and the stocks were 15 and not 10, now it gives me the correct average cost.

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