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Viewing of TAX / VAT Rate per line item


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Hi All, 

Here in Malta the Government has 4 VAT Rates, 

0% E - Exempt

5% R - Reduced

7% H - Hotel Accommodation

18% F - Full


By Law each line item should display the Letter associated with the Tax/VAT for that line item. 

if an item has 0% VAT. Next to the Price the letter 'E' needs to be shown

If an item has 18% VAT,  it need to show 'F'


Dear Loyverse please guide us how this could be done? or add the functionality please. 

I'm attaching an image of what we hope to achieve. the letter E in Red refer to items at 0% VAT and the Letter 'F' in Green relates to items with 18% VAT. reflected in the subtotal by VAT/TAX Type.  (colors were used just to emphasize the difference in the VAT / TAX Rate)

your help is highly appreciated. 


Screenshot 2023-04-19 180825.png

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