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How to cancel a Purchase Order already received?


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Hello, is there any way to cancel a Purchase Order which is already received?
We had a case that we created a purchase order and received the items; however, there were a mistake in the management of the distribution, so we needed to return them.
I know that once I receive the items in a purchase order, I am not able to cancel it, but I would like to find an alternative way to manage these situations.

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As you said there is no option to cancel a purchase order whose status is already “Closed”.
However, you can use the feature of Stock adjustments that are included in the Advanced Inventory subscription.
Select the reason as "Loss" or "Damage" to deduct the stock of the items that were sent from the purchase order and in the notes you can write the detailed reason and what purchase order you are referring to.
This way you can keep tracking the stocks of your items within Loyverse, instead of changing the items one by one from the item list.


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