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How to print labels from my POS device?


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I want to know if it is possible to print labels from my tablet, because I want to my employees to print label in their stores whenever there are changes for the items.

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Yes, it is possible to print labels from your cellphone or tablet devices whenever they have a connection to the printer.
The process is the same as doing on the Computer. There are 3 places where you can use the print label feature in Loyverse:

  1. Go to the Back Office → Item list → Three dots → Print labels. 
  2. Go to Purchase Order → Select/Create Purchase Order → More option → Print labels.
  3. Go to Transfer Order → Select/Create Transfer Order → More option → Print labels.

Note: there is no option to print labels from the POS application at the moment, Back Office only.

Check the official help article about how to use the Print Label feature from the Advanced Inventory System:

This is how it looks from the cellphone to print labels, which is using a browser.
Tapping on the PRINT button will proceed to a print setting menu which may vary with the brand or model of the device you use, so in case you don’t know how to use/ set up a printer from your mobile device, search it from the internet.


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