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What happens if I disable the accept payment access right to my employee?


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What is the use of the disabling or enabling accept payments?
Does the employee can’t choose other payment options or what happens?

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The Accept payments access right is for assigning an employee to not charge sales, but create and save them (when the Open ticket option is on). When the employee with no accept payments access right tries to charge a ticket, the POS will ask for a PIN to proceed with the sale.
Most people use this feature to create Waiter’s role to assign employees to ask for orders but not allow them to charge it.
For example, some businesses may need to divide roles between waiters and cashiers.

Note: when the cashier tries to make a sale and the PIN is entered by another employee, the ticket and the user profile in the POS device will continue being to the first user who doesn’t have access to charge sales."

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