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How to import CSV file in Purchase Order

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Hello Akio, here is what I discovered with some testing. I hope it helps you.


First, you can download the Template for the Purchase Order in the Import section when you create a Purchase Order.


Open the template with Excel or with Google Sheets.


The SKU field is enough to identify the item but if you want to enter the item’s name and the variant's name (if it has), make sure to write it correctly. The capitalization doesn’t matter, just spelling.

The variants field must be as look as in the item list in the Back Office.


Set the Quantity and the Purchase cost of each item. In case you have already configured the purchase cost of the item to each one, leave this field blank to automatically obtain the purchase cost from the Back Office.



Repeated items will be added separately with its Quantity and Purchase Cost. As below:



  • The CSV file’s name, its sheet name, and the Columns order don’t matter as long as the field’s names are correct.
  • If you have several sheets in one CSV file with its fields, the system will import each sheet to import the data.
  • Don’t leave skip rows blank or with incomplete data; otherwise you can’t import the file.
  • Negative numbers are not accepted in Quantity field.
  • Decimals are only available for Sold by Weight/Volume with maximum 3 decimals, and the separator must be a  Period  “.”, the Comma “,” is not accepted. 
  • Functions are accepted as long as the result value is valid for the system.
  • Any errors will be displayed with reasons when you import the file.

This topic is only tested on import from Purchase Order, so no every feature/rules are applied to other import systems.

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