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Loyverse and NearSt; Barcodes?


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I opened my dashboard and saw that Loyverse and NearSt are compatible. Cool!

When I click start the trial I'm brought to this page: https://start.near.st/loyverse

It says, "Own a retail store with barcoded products? Start your free trial now."

No, I don't have barcoded products. If I did, I would be using Pointy.

So, do items need to be barcoded in order to utilize NearSt + Loyverse?

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Small update. I'll still need an answer here. Here's what support said at NearSt...


We use the barcodes to display the product details in Google. If you do not have products that are industry barcoded then we can still display your inventory through a custom approach.

We would need -

- The custom barcode
- Product image
- Product description


My barcode section in Loyverse is blank (and I don't want to add a bogus barcode to each and every entry). Would NearSt be able to pull from the Loyverse-generated SKU?

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