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How to come up with a pop-up shop concept?


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Marketing a pop-up shop isn’t really all that different than marketing any other temporary event. However, there are some specific techniques you can implement to help achieve better results. Use events to get media attention One of the great things about pop-up events is that they’re conducive to media attention. Some media attention will happen naturally, while you’ll have to chase down and instigate some of the other attention. Opportunities abound, so don’t be shy about lining up a bunch of different things. From press previews and launch parties to sponsored events and coordinated activities on the day(s) of the actual shop, there’s ample room for creativity. Maximize this exposure and don’t feel bad about hogging all of the attention. Invest in influencer marketing One of the biggest marketing opportunities comes in the form of influencer marketing. Influencers are valuable because they are individuals who actively seek out information they can share with others. “They want to know what’s hot, what’s new, what’s fresh first, just as a reporter would,” marketer Humayun Khan says. “And if you can deliver that message to him or her, you can capture your next ‘fan.’” Make a list of influencers in your niche and invite them to a pre-launch party. Serve dinner, give out prizes, and reveal exclusive information. Naturally, these individuals will return the favor by publishing content about the pop-up shop and “rallying the troops,” so to speak. Use strategic content marketing Content marketing will play an important role in the weeks and days leading up to your pop-up shop. You should be crafting strategic content and publishing it in the appropriate places to maximize exposure and paint a picture of what the pop-up shop will be like. The goals of your content marketing efforts are to drive social media buzz and get people excited. Once the shop launches, the hope is that your customers and fans will then begin to publish their own content — pictures, videos, reviews, etc. — and you can focus on engaging individual customers.
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