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Zettle Reader 2 Can not Connect to Loyverse? Zettle Reader 1 can?


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Hello Community, Quick question regarding the integration of Zettle into Loyverse. I was led to believe that the Zettle 1 Reader is not supported for integrated Credit Cards on Loyverse POS. So I purchased a Zettle 2 Reader from the United States and shipped it to my Restaurant in Mexico.

I just got off the phone with Zettle Support and they told me that the Zettle 2 Reader does not work in Mexico. Has anyone had a similar experience?

As an aside, out of frustration, I attached my Zettle 1 reader to Loyverse and it seems to work fine.

Thanks for your assitance and input in advance.

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In Mexico, yes, you can use Zettle 1 with Loyverse.

Apparently, there is a certain dependence on the location for the operation of Zettle 1 and 2.


And I'd really appreciate getting your feedback about using Zettle 1 with Loyverse in your country. 

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