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How can i become employee if I'm also a loyverse POS owner


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Hi, I don't want to change my email, my friend ask me to help him with some data from his store but he can't added me as his employee because I also own a store and using loyverse POS as well.

Any suggestion ?

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Do you mean that you need to use the owner’s email of your Lovyerse account as an employee of another Loyverse Account?

Do you have a second email address to offer the person?

Anyways, you can also use the workaround of adding the symbol “+” before the "@" mark in your email address to make it unique but still receive emails in the original email. For example, if your email address is: myemail@gmail.com, you can make and use the myemail+@gmail.com and the latter is identified as a different email address but you can receive the invitation from your friend to the inbox of myemail@gmail.com.

Let me know if it was not the solution you were looking for.

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