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Ability for employee to view stock but not edit it


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On 12/8/2022 at 10:42 PM, Angelika said:


We are currently looking into preparing access rights to "view cost", so the employee with this right disabled, will not be able to see item's cost. How would that work for you? 

Hi! That may work out, but it would also be nice if they won't be able to "edit" the number under "track inventory". It's just a pain when they keep messaging the manager or owner just to ask how many "item X" are in stock


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Yes. This is very essential so that employee can monitor their stocks but not make changes to the count and price because this will be a loophole for pilferage. I badly need this for my POS.

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Hello, now the access rights to "manage items and inventory" were separated. You can set your employee access to "manage items" but not to "manage inventory" and vice versa.


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