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Interface field was removed from the Create printer page


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In all manuals and help pages that show you how to connect a printer to loyverse, it asks you to select the interface (bluetooth, wifi, usb) from the interface field but that field was removed, so unless your printer is on their list or, its a wifi printer, it wont connect. If you want to connect a bluetooth or usb printer, you cant because it doesn't let you search for your printer or type the USB name, only input an IP adddress when you select other from the list (printer model field).I recently bought a printer that is not on the list because it would work with this feature… what am I supposed to do now?!





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6 hours ago, Andy said:


Please, note that it is possible to use receipt printers with Ethernet, Bluetooth, or USB inerface in Other model only on Android devices

How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS on Android

On iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), other models are evailable only via Ethernet. 

How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS on iOS

I have an android tablet and phone and its the same result, the interface field has been removed, so same problem… Am I missing something here? Is there a way to do it with Android?

Because on the link you shared: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-set-other-printers-loyverse-pos

I see the same interface field that does not exist anymore…




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