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Tablet has stopped working, how do I close the shift remotely?


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Hello, Derekd

You can unassign old tablet from the POS using DEACTIVATION feature. But please note that if some data were not synced between POS device and back office, this data might be lost when you DEACTIVATE a POS:

How to Deactivate POS

Such a situation may occur when the mobile device with the Loyverse POS app is lost or broken. Deactivation means disconnecting the Loyverse POS app on the device from the Loyverse account and back office.
Note: After deactivation, all unsynced data on the Loyverse POS app will be lost.
At the Edit POS card of an activated POS, click on the ‘Deactivate’ icon in the Status field.

Confirm your intention by clicking on the ‘Deactivate’ button in the dialog window.

After that, the status of the POS will be changed to ‘Not Activated’ and you can log in to this POS on a new device.


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Thanks Georg. I managed to do this after a live chat with Loyverse support. The new tablet is in and working now, and I've been able to close the shift successfully to register the sales with the back office.

Cheers,  Derek

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