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How to add backsales to Loyverse POS or Backoffice?


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Hi, I'm new to the app and the community and I wonder whether there's a way to import or add back sales from my ledger to Loyverse POS Application. I want to fully use Loyverse POS and see all my data but I'm having trouble in adding backsales which are sales from the previous days or weeks. 

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Hello, dear user

To enter sales with previous dates, please follow the guide below:

Make sure you're in online mode, then Log out of the app.

Change the time and date settings on your device (to enter sales from the 25th of August, change to 25/08).

After doing this, log in again and you can enter sales for the specified days.

Then log out from the app again and change back the date and time on your device.

Finally, log in to the app for the last time and continue enjoying Loyverse.

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