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Losing connection to Star TSP100 LAN Printer


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We just started today with Loyverse POS on an iPad 7 generation with the latest IOS
The receipt printer is a TSP100 LAN connected with the cable to the router and the iPad and the printer has there own fixed IP-adress

I tested the setting the last day's and was working fine.

Today in our store with real customers the printer cannot print because the connection is somehow lost and the Loyverse POS app cannot locate the printer.
After exit the Loyverse POS in the iPad and switch the Star printer off, then switch the printer on and launch the Loyverse POS app again everything works fine, but after a few minutes the problem occurs again

Any solutions for this problem?

Hope to hear soon from you ....

With regards  .....

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Found out yesterday that just resetting the Loyverse POSS app and relaunch it, the app will find the printer, after losing the connection after a few minutes again.

So it's look like a bug in Loyverse POS?

Any comments?

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