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Sumup Error, and not stable connection

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Although my SumUp 3G card reader is connected via Bluetooth in settings on my iPad device, it won’t connect in the Loyverse POS app, it keeps saying try again. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong please

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The SumUp 3G is designed to work standalone so it will not be possible to work with Loyverse directly. Sumup card reader work with loyverse via bluetooth connection, you should have bluetooth Sumup reader.

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Hello everyone,

I am using the free version of Loyverse for my cafe. 

I am currently using Sumup 3g as the payment terminal. 

After follow and setup the Sumup to Loyverse.  I noticed the connection between Sumup and Loyverse is unstable at times.

Sometimes before a transaction I will need to reconnect Sumup to my Ipad's bluetooth manually via " IOS>Settings> Bluetooth to connect.

Sometimes after a successful transaction where the customer using the debit card to pay. The entire Sumup Machine screen turns to completely green. 

Does anyone experience this? Do you have a solution to this problem? 




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At the moment, our integration with SumUp is intended to work only with the SumUp Air 1E000 (Bluetooth) terminal. If you use other terminals, you might encounter instability and errors.

In this case, I would recommend using the SumUp terminal without integration with Loyverse. This would require manual input of the amount but should provide you with a smoother and more reliable experience.

How to Work with Credit Card Payments

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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As I understand it from my own experience linking the card reader via Bluetooth settings to your IOS is incorrect. If you register and link the card reader via your SumUp app instead of Bluetooth settings on your IOS you might find it works better!

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