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What is the impact of Deleting an Employee?


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I have an employee that has left my restaurant. I want to delete his account invariably his pin.

Please what is the impact of deleting an account. Will it delete Open Tickets?

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Deleting the employee won't affect sales made by this employee in the past (you will still be able to check this employee's past sales history). Open tickets made by this employee will not be deleted as well. 

It will only affect future, so this employee will have no longer access to the POS. 

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Hello, 2 questions about deleting employees:

1. What happens when I delete an employee with access to the Back Office?
I mean if the employee was invited to create their own account with their email and password, what is going to happen with that access?

2. Also, is it possible to delete the employee account by itself without permission of the owner?

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Hello TNK

1. To your first question, the answer is that the employee’s account will also be deleted as another employee's account.
So the created account by the employee will be deleted completely.

2. To your second question:
The employee can delete any employee’s account (except the owner’s account) whenever the account has the access right of “Manage employees” in the Back Office section. So the answer is yes, the employee can delete his account itself without the permission of the owner.
But if you go to the Back Office from the employee’s account, there is no such option to delete the account in the Account Settings, so to delete his/her own employee account, he/she has to go to the Employee list to delete itself.

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