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Change subscription plan from monthly to yearly


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How can we change the subscription fee for Advanced Inventory management or Employee Management from monthly to yearly?

Or yearly to Monthly?

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Hi! In the back office -> Billing & Subscription section under the name of subscription, you can find the button Change plan. Here you can change the annual to monthly and vice versa


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I subscribed to the monthly plan for employee management by mistake, how can I change it to annual plan? Please help

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You can change the plan from your back office in the billing and subscription section 

When you click on the “change plan” button, you will see the below window to choose the plan, 


The system will then show a preview of the invoice, please read it carefully 

Also, when changing plans you will receive credit based on the remaining period, this credit will be used to cover fully/partially this upcoming invoice


Click on confirm and your subscription plan will be changed accordingly.

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