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Have upgraded ipad. Loyverse now prints Receipt on Tyro Printer after every sale


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I can't stop receipts printing on the Tyro printer since I upgraded my ipad.

On Loyverse iPad settings menu "Use this option if Tyro terminal doesn't have its own printer" is switched off.

On the Tyro Terminal > Express Payments > "No merchant receipts" is selected.

After Tyro terminal completes sale, I get a message on my Loyverse ipad asking if customer wants a printed receipt? I always select "no" but a receipt still prints automatically.

Do you know what is causing receipts to print after every sale?


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To understand better your situation, could you please mention the iOS version of your new iPad?
Also, could you provide the name of your POS device where this issue happens?

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Hello, I see. Thanks for the provided photos!

We are currently checking with our team about this issue. Just to be sure, the receipts you mentioned are printed from the Tyro or is there another receipt printer connected to your POS device that is issuing receipts?

Can you show us an example of this receipt that is printed, or at leat mention if the receipt title appears as 'MERCHANT COPY' or 'CUSTOMER COPY'?
Additionally, we would like to know the printer settings you have currently in the Loyverse POS app. 

Meanwhile, you can also try enabling the option “Use this option if Tyro terminal doesn't have its own printer” and see if it helps to stop printing the receipts. Try searching as well any options in your Tyro terminal that contain any wording like “receipts for customers”.

Waiting for your feedback.

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there is no other receipt printer attached. If i click “no” to printing, a merch receipt  would print. if i ignored the yes/no message a customer receipt would print. 

as suggested, i turned on “use this option if Tyro terminal doesn’t have its own printer” and now the receipts have stopped printing!

thanks for your help. 

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I'm happy to hear that, and you are very welcome! Don't hesitate to write us on any further questions you may have.

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