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How do we print orders on a Star mC-Print3 without opening the cash drawer?


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When an order is printed the cash drawer always opens. We do not want it to open.

Print receipts and bills is off.

Print orders is on.


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Loyverse POS sends the command for a printer to open a cash drawer only when:

  • The cash sale is completed
  • A refund receipt is printed for cash refunds only
  • Opening shifts for employees to enter the initial cash amount
  • Closing shifts for employees to calculate the final cash amount
  • ‘Pay In’ and ‘Pay Out’ actions are performed to put money into or take from the cash drawer
  • Use the ‘Print test’ option to test your printer’s connection with the Loyverse POS app

If your cash drawer opens while printing the kitchen order, please read your printer’s manual. Maybe the printer by itself has some settings that open the cash drawer each time of the printing. 

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