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Integration with sumup in Colombia


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Hello, I tried integrating my sumup terminal with loyverse but this option is not available for me in the backoffice.

I assume that my country (Colombia) is not available in the list of countries that allow for that integration, however it seems to me that all the requirements for the integration are already in place, this just needs some minor update from Loyverse's side in order to add colombia to the list of available countries

The development work has already been done by loyverse for other countries, and Sumup operates in Colombia without issues, I use it for my restaurant currently.  Would it be possible for you guys to add Colombia to the list of available countries for integration?


Thank you 



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I would be glad to have this be sent over to our team as a feature suggestion. Though I cannot guarantee you nor promise you that this kind of feature be implemented immediately or anytime soon. 

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