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Do POS and KDS have to be connected to same physical router?


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I connected my KDS correctly and the test prints appears in the KDS, but when I actually save or charge an order it does not go the KDS, why would that be?


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In such case I would check the printer group settings in the back office and make sure I am trying to send (to the KDS) an item that

belongs to the category which is added to the printer group I choose in the KDS settings in POS 


And then in the POS


You can see in the photos that the categories needed were chosen for the printer group and then on the POS the same printer group was activated 

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This was asked before but it didn't get a response. 

I have setup POS and KDS in our pub. However, the pub is covered by main router downstairs and the kitchen is covered by wifi extender upstairs (the extender is connected to the router by wire). Its the same network with the same SSID. Its a concrete floor, so the router will not cover both. When the POS is connected to the extender, it can send tickets to the KDS, but when it connects to the main router it errors when sending tickets to the kitchen. As workaround,  I've changed the SSID of the extender to have 2 different SSID's and it covers some of downstairs, but will lose connection occasionally. When this happens I have to reset the wifi and test the print. The order is saved on POS but never sent to kitchen. So there are few questions I have that might help me improve the situation. 

1. Does the POS and KDS need to be on same router, or is the enough to be on the same wifi?
2. If I installed a network mesh, would the POS and KDS connect no matter with router it was connected to? 
3. When a ticket is saved and gets an error that its not sent to kitchen, is it possible to resend it when the connection is re-established?
4. Is there any known work around for this? 



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Ok, I think I have figured this out. 

The reason this was not initially working is because in the bar I had the main router which was the input point of the internet. Then I had a cable from this router going upstairs connected to a TP link extender. The extender had the same SSID as the router so I believed they were the same network. But as it was via cable, it was more like 2 networks but with same name. 

So what I did is get a TP mesh M5 network. Connected it with cable to the router, and then the other nodes covered upstairs to the kitchen. Working well now. 


You could also get a wifi extender, but connect it to the wifi and not via cable to router. 

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