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Kitchen Orders Ticket Number Not Resetting


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Hi All


As the title suggests. What used to happen is we used the kitchen ticket order numbers for customers (were in a streetfood trailer) so when we called the number the customer would come up and get their food. We also used this number as a rough indication of how many orders we did. Then when we cashed off for the day and re-open the following day the order numbers would be reset and we would start from 0 again.

But as of the last few months this hasn't been happening and the numbers dont reset and just keep climbing. Any way to change this back?


Not sure if its related but sometimes the printer disconnects and there's some graphical issues with Zettle when taking payments. Were using a 2019 iPad and was thinking it might just be getting old?


Kind Regards



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Hello, dear user

At the moment on Android version of the Loyverse POS App the order number looks this way:
The meaning of the numbers in the order:

0215 is monthDAY (Feb 15);
01 is the POS number;
02 is the order number;
and order number every day start from 01.

But on iOS version of the Loyverse POS App we have a new logic of the order numbers(it will be realised for Android version later):
The meaning of the numbers in the order:

003- is the POS number;
056- is the order number;
When the order number reach 999, it starts again from 001.

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