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When I create composite items the inventory is not deducted, any suggestions?


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I will give the example of sugar for coffee. Coffee is a product that is sold with light sugar and normal sugar, but neither coffee nor sugar is being reduced in inventory, could you help me?
Continuing with the example, coffee is a sale item and so is sugar, so you should mark both down in inventory.
Both items have the check "The item is available for sale" marked.
Coffee is an composite item.
Sugar is a simple item.
Thanks in advance.

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At first, you need to create items coffee and sugar, set up price and cost, activate "track stock" option  for each of them.





After that, you will be able to indicate the number of coffee and sugar you have in stock. 



Now you need to create a composite item - coffee, which needs to be available for sale. The most important thing is to indicate the quantity of each component of the composite item so that it can be deducted from your inventory after making the sale. 




Let me know if that helped or you are still having difficulties 🙂 

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First of all thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, it is exactly what is being done, but there are some products that are not being discounted. I'm going to check again the products that are not being discounted. Could it be because I have the free version?

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No, in the free version, you can also track stock of the items. 

Please, check whether you have chosen quantity for the components of the composite item and activated "track stock" option for them. 

Also, please, note that the stock of components of a composite item is deducted after making the sale, when the receipt is synchronized with back office. 

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