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I am selling my business and the new owner wants to use Loyverse


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I am selling my business after 25 years, we have been using Loyverse for about 5 years, the new owner has setup a Loyverse account and I thought I could export the complete setup of items, categories & prices without all the historic sales data.

When I exported the items there were no prices or taxes with the products, so when the new owner imported the information he only got items.

Am I missing something or is it done a different way

Thanks for any help with this.

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Hello, dear user

In the exported items list (CSV file), will be displayed the names of the items, their SKU, applied taxes, the categories of the items, variants, modifiers, stock level information and so on. You can check this tutorial to see all the information that will be displayed in the exported items list:

Exporting and Importing Items

To open exported CSV file in correct way, please follow one of these tutorials:

How to Export Data from Reports and Open in LibreOffice

How to Open CSV File in Google Sheets

How to Export Data from Reports and Open in Excel

Also, you may be interested to read:

How to Export Data from Loyverse Account


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