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Tax on reciept but not in item list


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I live in the Netherlands and here we only work with tax when we add the product  to the sale.

So i'd like to import the products to my item list without tax and also the costprice without tax, but if i do that when i sale somthing the price on the client reciept is also without tax only on the end the tax is calculated. 

But is it possilbe to have the item list without tax and when you add it to a sale show the price with tax on the screen and reciept ?

I now have all my prices in the item list already with tax incl so when is sale something i see the price incl tax and also on the reciept but after the workday when i look at my sales i also see every sale already with tax and you can't see what the profit is because the tax is included in the sale and i sale items with 2 taxes so wine has 21% tax and grosseries 9% tax here and i sale both.

Regards maybe it's just a setting i don't know.

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If you do want to achieve something like this, then you can set the taxes to added to price instead of included in the price that way, you can have your items' cost price and and the items list itself tax free and only apply the tax once it is on the receipts or has been selected for sale. 

Another suggestion I can make if you choose to use the included price instead is that you can manually deduct and calculate the net profit of your sales through the help of the Tax Report. You can take the total amount or calculated amount of tax and use that to deduct it to your sales data in the sales summary report to get the sales without tax included.

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But if i use " Taxes added to price " instead of " Taxes included in price " in Loyverse POS you see everything on the screen without tax and also on the reciept every item on the reciept is without tax only on the last line the tax is calculated and added to the reciept.

A normal costumer only want's to know the price he has to pay and not without tax so if i use a costumer display it has to show the price with tax and also on the reciept every item on the reciept as to show the price with tax only on the last line the tax as to be deducted from the reciept.

But in the Loyverse Dashboard i don't want to add the price or costprice with tax because that is only important after the sale.

So is it possible to use the Loverse POS with tax on screen and the Loyverse Dashboard without tax ?

I know i can deduct the tax manually but as i use within 1 sale items with 9% and 21% tax it is al lot of work only at the end of all sale i can make a sale report and take out the total tax from the cost price but it will not work.

It can work if every item in my dashboard as a sale price with tax incl and every costprice without that means that after a sale day i can use the totaal sales of that day in the report and the tax of the same day and use the totaal sale deduct the tax and than i have the saleprice without tax and use the costprice as is showen in the same report.

But this is a lot of work and also no logic doing it like this way.

In the Loyverse Dashboard the tax is not important like in every e-commerce software the tax is only important when you are in the store so only on the Loyverse Pos app and on the reciept of the client, my imployers don't need to see the price without the tax because thay have to tell the client the price with tax, only for me in the dashboard i need to see everything without tax.

I think it as to be a setting but i don't know how to use it.

So everything in de Loyverse Dashboard without tax and everything in the Loyverse POS apps with tax how to use it like this ?


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I see, if you specify this in such a way just like what you have explained then I am afraid we do not have such feature or a report that can do this. 

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Ok thank you,

I still think that it is strang that someone wants to see the sales with the tax in the amounts because it shows you a wrong results.

Also i don't think any store owner wants it's staff to have a cash register without the tax already in the sales price.

I hope this is a problem that will be resolved in the future because now you have to make a choice is the cashregister or the dashboard more important.

Mybe this issue is only for europe and not the rest of the world i don't know but clients don't want to see prices without tax, the price on the recipt per item has to be with tax and not only on the bottem. But as owner i don't want to have a sales report with tax as its useles with tax.


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