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thanks markus

will try this at my place



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Hello! Let me explain the workaround in more detail.

1. Add the customer who wants to pay later on the Backoffice or POS.


2. Add new payment type "Account receivable" in the setting of the Backoffice.




3. When making sales, add the customer who wants to pay later.



4. On the Charge screen, tap the "Account receivable".

If the customer wants to pay by cash partially now, and later pay the rest of the payment, you can split the payment.

In this example shown in the screenshots, the customer "Brown" decided to pay €500 by cash at first and pays €1000 later.





5. In the reciept secition on the Backoffice, you can search receipts by customer names.

And in the sales by payment type section, you can see the whole balance of the account receivable.



6.When the customer comes back and pays for her balance, we need to cancel the old receipt and issue her a new one for the full amount due.


Note: In the example shown in the screenshots, because it is required to delete the whole old receipt, it is written that the total amount due is €1500 in the new receipt.

But Mr.Brown already paid €500 by cash before. So you need to make sure that you receive $1000 this time and tap the "Charge" button.

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