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Does anyone knows how to connect Sunmi T2 built in printer with Loyverse?

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  • andres changed the title to Does anyone knows how to connect Sunmi T2 built in printer with Loyverse?

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    • By STATICE
      We need to work on the Sunmi P2 device. for this the Loyverse App needs to be loaded on the Sunmi cloud and then installed on the device. Please advise how the App can be uploaded on the Sunmi cloud.
    • By Standtheman
      I am trying to find out if Loyverse will work with Sunmi T2 Lite device, and if the Sunmi 2D Barcode Scanner and Sunmi Printer with also work? Does anyone have experience of this yet? What about Sunmi 2nd display of T2 Lite, will CDS work?
       Thank you.
    • By Chipcell
      Hello how to use Loyverse in S2 Sunmi Scale with second 10.!" Screen 
    • By Aleksandr3001
      I want to buy a "Sunmi T1-mini" POS device. Can I connect barcode scanners to this system? If yes, then what the scanner model?

    • By Geoffrey
      Hi there,
      i have a Sunmi T2 + 2 x Sunmi M2 handhelds.
      It took me quite some time to connect the Epson TM-T88V to the Sunmi / Loyverse app
      but I finally succeeded.
      The new problem I'm running into is that if I make an order on the handheld (M2),
      it doesn't connect to the printer.
      If I check my settings on the Sunni M2, I need to add a printer there too
      but of course it's not connected by ethernet since it's a handheld.
      How can I connect it so that everything is synced?
      Thank you

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