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Has anymore had experience with the ticket printer epson tmu-220b connect to the POS?


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Has anymore had experience with the ticket printer epson tmu-220b connect to the POS? It s not on the standard list of supported printers but I would like to know if it cqn be connected and if it works?

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hello. As I see the specs of this printer, there is no mention of any of the supported by Loyverse communication interfaces (USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet). Therefore this printer most probably will not work with Loyverse. 

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Well actually there are aparently several different models with this product name tmu-220b, one of them does have ethernet ... would this work?1529702670_Screenshot_20211021-215145_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.20d22ada79d5cca2f75cdbddac2e89ca.jpg

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Unfortunately, we do not have such a model and cannot check it; therefore, we cannot tell. But probably, it may work with Loyverse through an Ethernet port. 
If you test it yourself and it works, please inform us here. 
While testing this printer, you can choose different combinations of options: select text or graphics mode, different paper width, etc.

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