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Purchase Orders Authorisation


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We want to use the PO system but need to be able to copy all POs over a certain amount to the Owner for approval prior to purchase - is this possible? Thanks

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Hello Sinead!

I'm not sure if I understood you well... Do you want to be able to take the "wishes" from each POS/store for the number of items to order? 

In Loyverse POS system we have an option to set a Low stock for item in each store and Optimal stock which shows how many items you wish to have in your store. Then to order that item you can use low stock filter or Optimal stock filter (All items from supplier). 

For example, I have Item 1 with Optimal stock 100 pieces in store. At the moment I have 53 pieces in store. It came time to order Item1 and other from Supplier 1. So in Purchase order I use filter All items from Supplier and my Item1 added to the order with "wish number" 47. Of course, this number I can change, but it gives me idea how many items to order from Supplier 1 today to have "wish" completed 😉 

I hope it can help you to understand the options of Loyverse POS Inventory management



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