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TAX and dining options


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Hello there Loyverse Lovers, i have search for over one week now to setup my taxes in Loyverse.
i'm not the smartest person and Belgium is not the best about taxes.
Is there a tutorial that explain it for me from the beginning please?

Add an item and setup the VAT and then the dining options please. Can someone please give me a movie from that please?


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Hey Shinji

Thanks for this, i have see all the tax related films and still me and a clever customer cant see to make it work.
If there would be a small movie to setup from the beginning that would be amazing.

Maybe there is a list from people that use Loyverse in Belgium 😉


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Can You please tell me how i have to setup the artikel please, do i have to select VAT options then?

This is for axample a coffee, when the customer drinks it insite then its 21% and when the customer drinks it outside then ist 6%.
What do i have to select then on the product please?

Schermafbeelding 2021-10-04 om 11.30.52.png

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In this kinds of cases, its better to use the feature called taxes depending on dining option. Here's another guide or tutorial that includes a video that explains to you how to use this feature of when a customer wants to go for takeout, the tax of 6% applies but when they dine in, the 21% tax applies instead of the 6%: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-apply-taxes-depending-dining

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Hello shinji. 

thanks allot for this still, may I ask if i need to select the vat options on a artikle or do i not select any and will it change when i select a Dining option?


sorry that dont understand it. 

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