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Total beginner - is it what I need?


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Hi all, Penny for your thoughts?
I kind of look after a community hall in Wiltshire, UK. The hall is an old victorian school building and is that last community resource in the village other than the church. We are 5 miles from the nearest town - not really a problem at all but a bit of a way to go for a pint of milk!
The village only has 40 houses so is NOT a reasonable sized market and very obviously cannot support a shop BUT we do have a community coffee and cake morning every Friday which is very popular.
A local supermarket has offered to support us via a 'pop up' shop - the idea is we'd have a trolley full of non perishable goods that could be wheeled out at coffee and cake on Friday and help the community with odd bits and pieces they might need.  We'd make a markup of around 15% which would return to the charity that runs the hall. Although small I imagine we'll be stocking around 50 - 70 items.  We've had approval from Trading standards etc and I think we might be the first shop of this type in the country. It will be totally volunteer run.
I am keen to keep track of what is sold when so that I can 'cash up' at the end of each session and re-order what we need.  I doubt our turnover will exceed £30 a week so obviously there isn't 'room' in the budget to pay for a POS system - and we don't need very much beyond normal 'till' functions. 

Is Loyverse the answer?

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