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Remove Customer Signatures?


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I've seen it asked a couple of times, but then the op never replies to Mag's questions.

We're using Loyverse POS on an iPad with Sumup. After a card payment the signature screen comes up. If a customer signs off of the Signature Area the area disappears and is stuck in limbo. We have to then cancel the payment and try again. Some customers are particularly bad at signing, and we've had to do this process 3 times on one customer.

Would it be possible to remove the Signature Area or in a future update could the Signature Area be increased to the edges of the screen?

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Regarding your question, the signature screen appears depending on the type of customer's card to authorize the transaction by customer. We cannot remove this screen. In certain cases, the customer will be asked to sign on the screen of smartphone/tablet instead of entering the PIN. It’s not possible to choose between PIN or signature. The card itself determines which authorisation type is preferred.

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