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Why the Taxes still applied even when already configure by dining option?


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I need to set the taxes by dining option

So I need to apply tax for online delivery order only


I already configure depending dining option

So I choose taxes off when dine in and take out, and tax will apply when I choose online delivery

But the taxes always applied on every item even I choose dine in or take away order

There are no change, the tax always applied on every item and in every dining option


Please help, thank you



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Try to add items as well, in this case, it's much more easier and faster if you select all items as well in this configuration. After doing so, go back to your POS App and then either press the sync button that can be found in the three-dotted button in the screen or close and re-open the app so that the changes can be updated in the POS App as well.

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I already add items as well


but still, the taxes always applied in every dining option


I have online order, and dine in, I choose dine in for not applied the taxes

but still, in the POS app, when I choose dine in, the tax still applied, so I need to delete taxes in every dine in order

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I see, but did you add all the items, like literally all of them and not just selected few? If you add ALL items then this should work but if you only selected few items then only those few items when you have it on dining option aside from online delivery will have its taxes not applied. Could I ask if you could send again another screenshot of the set up of your taxes again?

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