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Everything you need to know about the affiliate marketing programs


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An affiliate program is a digital marketing strategy where your business recruits partners, known as affiliates, to place links to your business on their website, blog, or social media page. It is a powerful marketing strategy to drive sales and generate significant online revenue by which a company taps into a network of affiliates to promote their products on their site. You then pay these affiliates a commission every time someone makes a purchase or visits your site via their affiliate link.

By partnering with affiliates, which mostly consists of influencers, bloggers, paid search focused microsites, email lists and large media websites to help you promote your business, you will significantly expand your customer reach, provide leverage to your marketing campaigns and eventually boost sales.

There are two ways to have an affiliate program: One is through an already existing affiliate network and the other is by using your in-house tracking solution, or by using a affiliate marketing software.

Here are some blogs to walk you through a better understanding of affiliate marketing:



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