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Is affiliate marketing program the new way of marketing your business during and after the pandemic?


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Basically how affiliate marketing works is you tap into a network of affiliates to promote your products on their site. The affiliates are then paid a commission based on the amount of traffic, conversions, leads or sales generated by the promotion. 

 By partnering with affiliates, which mostly consists of influencers, bloggers, paid search focused microsites, email lists and large media websites to help you promote your business. Since these are all done digitally, you can save yourself all the struggle dealing with the grueling monotony and daze of traditional marketing which involves physical interactions and passing of physical materials by letting other networks spread the word about your business for you online.

It is a popular tactic to drive sales and generate significant online revenue. 

Here are a few of the advantages:


Better understanding of the company products and customer needs

Efficient marketing to cater to a fast digital market

Total and customizable control of marketing materials

Some disadvantages may be:

Payment and commissions to your affiliates has to be done promptly and meticulously

Reporting, which consists of data may take up some of your time

Policing the program may take up some time for your affiliates to work effectively with your business

Recruitment of affiliates may also be a grueling task if you do not know the right network or platform to tap

Here are some blogs to walk you through a better understanding of affiliate marketing:



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