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Affiliate marketing software must-have's


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I'm looking into affiliate marketing softwares to help me market and promote my business. There are so many in the market and I am having trouble picking which one best suits my business. Can someone give me some pointers/ features I should look out for when selecting an affiliate marketing software?

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Great question! Since affiliate marketing program is becoming more and more nowadays, there are just so many affiliate marketing softwares to choose from! It all comes down to a basic understanding of you business' needs and objectives and a good grasp of the basic requirements of a good affiliate software, to help you with your decision.


Here are some basic must-have's of a good affiliate marketing software:

  • An interface that is accessible by you and your affiliates

At the most basic level, you need a solution that is going to let you manage your affiliates, campaigns, and referral rates – and your affiliates need a place to go where they can monitor their own performance, have access to creatives, and seek assistance if needed. 

  • Integrations with the tools you use

It’s important that the affiliate platform you use integrates seamlessly with any platforms or tools that you use in order for you to manage your program effectively and keep the process user-friendly for your affiliates.

  • Reports and tracking

Data is integral to figure out what’s working and what’s not; therefore, this should be a priority when choosing an affiliate platform. 

Data should include key performance indicators (or KPIs) like conversion rate, reversal rate, click-through rate, cost per click, lead, sale, incremental sales, revenue, number of sales actions, active affiliate rate, return on ad spend, average order value, and traffic growth. 

  • Customizable

It’s important that the platform you choose makes it easy to add, edit, and manage any creatives you want to use.

  • Quality support

Does the platform you’re assessing have a proven track record of providing effective support to paid customers? This can make a huge difference down the line if you run into any issues that you can’t solve on your own. As with most software sold online, money-back guarantees are especially important because they remove any financial risk you assume when purchasing the product. 

Here are some of the best affiliate marketing software for small to medium business:


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Loyverse Point of Sale





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