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Printer keeps giving error message even with static ip address


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I guys, i have Epson tm-m30 with ethernet plugged in. Before i was having trouble with error message which i have close the app from the background and then restart the app then it will print out receipt fine for about 5 to 10 mins then error again which i have to repeat the process. I did a search found out that i need to set it static ip and so i did and it does exactly the same things which is so annoying. 

Does anyone have the same problem? why does it do that? what should i do to sort that problem out? every 5 - 10 mins it will give you error message which i have to delete the app and restart so very often to have the printer print receipt out. Sometime customer ask for the receipt at then end and i have to keep them waiting while i delete the app from the background and restart it to get it to work. Help please! 

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Hello, please check if Local Network is enabled for Loyverse POS app on your iOS device. When you are adding the Ethernet printer to your device, you have to see message 'LoyversePOS would like to find and connect to devices on your local network...'. Please click OK. Then check how printer works.

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Hi Mag,

Unfortunately I do not have that option on my iPad. anything else except that one. So I've got Location, Photo, Bluetooth, Siri, Notification and Background App Refresh. 

What else can I do beside this please?

Thanks so much in advance

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Hi Mag, 

I have updated to the latest version last weekend and it seems to work for quite a few days but after that it is back with the same problems. I have checked weather the setting is changed or something but nothing has changed. I kept scratching my head not sure what else to do next. please if you have any more tips, let me know. 

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Hi Jess, do you have multiple internet connection on your ipad? if possible try to :

delete your printer (epson) from your ipad

disable your sim card connection

remember to use only one wifi name, let say you have restaurantguest, restaurantoffice, restaurant5G. then, choose one that you prefer (let say restaurantoffice), and from there, you add your epson printer, and test print (make sure your printer subnetmask and gateway are same with your ipad)

next time when you use the ipad, make sure you have restaurantoffice, you can delete others wifi on your ipad, so your ipad only automatically connect to restaurantoffice wifi

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Hi StudentCove, 

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I have followed and done all of what you have said but same problem is still occurring which is very annoying. I have no idea how else i can do. I keep checking to see if the Loyverse app needs an update but none so far. 

I have delete epson printer app from my iPad and also from loyverse app. Reset network on the iPad, disable sim card connection which it was already off. wifi has only one which is my current wifi. 

I have also update my iPad to latest version of iOS. I have had static ip address setup from the printer to my wifi which i can have static ip for the app and printer. 

I then reset the whole iPad back to original then download all the apps again including loyverse (making sure not download from iCloud, i did download it fresh so just making sure no old setting pre-install). Despite of all of those efforts, the problem is still there. 


Please if anyone else use this type of printer with an iPad and have no problem with printing, do let me know. Thanks in advance

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