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Perhaps it's time to accept QR codes as a mode payment?


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Now that the whole world has adjusted to the New Normal, observing social distancing measures, more and more businesses have started accepting payments using QR codes.

QR codes are known for efficient marketing and information sharing, but it is also a popular way for people to make mobile payments, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic started. QR codes rose up to popularity as an excellent way for merchants to accept payments without the use of a card machines or other complex hardware and setup.


  • It stores a large volume of data.
  • It can be scanned from a screen, not just paper.
  • It can be read even if part of the code is damaged.
  • Contactless payment
  • Top-grade security
  • Extremely easy set up.

Almost all smartphones today can scan QR codes directly from the main camera app, as long as it is using the latest Iphone iOS or Android software. You simply point the camera towards the QR code, which will instantly recognize it and click on the notification to a  link to finish the transaction.

Certain banking and payment apps can also process a QR code for payment processing or bank transfers.

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