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Online money transfer services for your small business


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The concept of online money transfer is sending and receiving of money instantaneously by transferring data that represents a cash amount. Typically, the sending and receiving parties  would only require a cell phone number and email address. An online money transfer platform then executes the transaction at a small fee from a secure web-based platform. When the transaction is completed, you get a notification from the service provider.

Not only do money transferring platforms help companies save time and resources, but it also helps your customers purchase your products without the hassle of excessive costs and additional efforts that usually transpire in the traditional physical transactions or payments via bank to bank. 


  •  Hassle-free sending of salary to your employees
  • Instant Payments
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Ideal for global merchants
  • Builds more trust in customers
  • Great for subscription-based services
  • Credit card purchases
  • Puts you in a competitive edge
  • Makes you thrive on impulse buyers
  • More sales with last-minute offers

For our picks on the most reliable online money transfer providers, click here to see our blog:


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