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Is there a temporary Price Change Option in the POS? How about open discount?


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is there an option to change price by the manager in the POS side without the need to edit in the back office. Like just for the current transaction if we want to edit the price of a certain item?

Also, i tried to leave blank the value for a discount. And it is not showing in the POS side. Is there a way for an open amount for the discount?


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If you have indicated a price for the item, it is not possible to edit it in the POS during the sale if you don't use discounts or modifiers. 

But, if you leave the Price field empty in the item card, then the employee can indicate the price for the item at the moment of the sale: 


Regarding the discounts: It is possible to create a discount and leave the amount or percentage blank. Then, you may specify the value of a discount during the sale. But you can apply such a discount only to the whole ticket.

Click on the "All items" button on the top left of the sale screen to apply a discount to the ticket.


In the drop-down menu, click on the "Discounts". There you will be able to choose the discounts you need.


Tap on the discount you want to apply to the ticket.



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