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How to make LOYVERSE to print on the built-in printer of the integrated mobile device



Hello, please, sorry for translation errors. I would like to know if it is possible to install Loyverse APP in a POS terminal based on adroid 7 that incorporates thermal printer, and NFC readers .... for cards. I have purchased the POS terminal in Aliexpress, but unfortunately I cannot use LOYVERSE with the printer function, because it does not recognize it, since it is a printer that is directly connected to the motherboard, I think it is via serial port. The seller has sent me the SDK development package of the device to do programming, but I have no idea. The POS terminal comes with a demo APP to test the peripherals, card readers and printer that is included in the development files. I could use a little help if someone in the know were able to adapt LOYVERSE to work with my POS terminal. I put here the download link of the SDK development package in case someone of you can at least tell me if it is possible. Thank you.


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